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April 28th, 2010 by Dave Perez
Dave @ Hooked On Fishing Guide Service www.hookedonfishingguideservice.com
Here we are a gain with another Spring Salmon season, and the fishing has been nothing short of spectacular.!!!

With potentially record breaking runs returning to the Columbia River system, we are catching these fine tasting Columbia River Salmon.!!!

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We've started the season around the I-5 Bridge area, and always limiting before noon...The bait of choice, of course, dyed blue herring.. rigged up with flasher, 6 oz of lead and dragging the bottom..!!!

With the season in this area closing April 18th, we moved up to the Drano Lake/Wind River area, Prawn rigs...seemed to be the bait of choice and a close second were the bait wrapped Mag Lip Flatfish ( formerly the M2-SP) in the lake itself...

I like to fish the mouth of Drano Lake early in the season for the fish that tend to nose around, before heading back out to the Columbia River.....but some fish tend to stick around and stack up in the lake itself....With the Prawn Rig, I'm fishing anywhere from 18 to 24 feet deep, and I noticed that some anglers are picking up fish just right off the bottom, but getting hung up frequently if not paying close attention...Early in the morning until around 9 a.m. the fishing in the Lake itself has been doing very well with bait wrapped Mag Lip Flatfish fished about 60 feet behind the boat...

The bank anglers have been doing extremely well, casting Fatfish (from Yakima Bait) and Magnum Wiggle Warts in Flo. Pink, Flo. Orange, Flo. Red and the Red Tiger....These colors seem to be the most popular and the fish are being caught..!!!! The guys on the Columbia River side fishing off the bank have been doing extremely well also, casting plugs when the wind is not blowing very hard, and plunking with shrimp and spin-glos.

The counts over Bonneville Dam have been consistent on a daily basis lately and the fishing at Drano Lake and Wind River should produce well until the end of May..

This year I'm heading back to the Alaska's Nushagak River around June 1st and plan on running a boat for Alaska King Salmon Adventures until Mid-July. The fishing is nothing short of Spectacular..!!! Feel free to visit their new website at www.alaskakingsalmon.com ....I can't say enough about the camp but you will be well taken care of....The scenery and wildlife is breathtaking.....they have heated Westport Tents with plenty of room with nice comfy beds, the food is awesome, hot showers, flushing toilets...you just can't go wrong..!!!

As of now I do have a few openings during the weekdays and a couple of weekend days open through the end of May, so if your interested in catching some springer's please feel free to give me a call @ 503-997-2279 or visit my web for more info @ www.hookedonfishingguideservice.com

Most likely I will not post another report until I get back from Alaska, so if you want to book a trip for after Mid-July, just shoot me an email and when I return I will contact you....I'll be booking for Columbia River and Drano Lake Summer Steelhead, Sturgeon, Columbia River Fall Chinook up to Priest Rapids/Hanford Reach areas and Klickitat River Coho..

Hope to hear from you and/or see ya on the water....
Dave @ Hooked On Fishing Guide Service

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May 1: I took long time friends Chris Copeland and Kirby Hess fishing today. I took them in early March last year, and we had a "fishless" day. So they were back for their free trip. We guarantee "Fish-On" on our regular trips, or the next trip is free. We're off to a great year this year, and have not had any off with our clients, on the regular full day trips, get skunked (plus some really nice huge smallmouth this year). It was 40 in Fossil at 5 Am, 50 at the river, water was running 51 degrees, 3810 CFS and falling, 4-5 clarity, and a slightly overcast morning. Chris caught the first fish at 7:45 AM, and Kirby was close behind him. They ended up with 16 fish by lunchtime, and as Kirby said he was 9 times better than last year (he had 9 at lunch). A heavy cold-front and wind gusts came in at lunchtime, and slowed the fishing down, but they ended up with 25 smallies, and they each boated one over 15". They could have caught more fish, but they were only going for the big ones and using big fish techniques.
We talked about the big fish being ready to spawn a couple of weeks ago, and they were with 55-59 degrees water temperatures. But, the big rain storm on April 20 and 21 ran lots of snow melt into the river and dirty water, which lowered the temperature and stained the water up. It's hard to predict, but it will be a couple of weeks before the big fish head for the spawning beds. So, now is a good time to catch the huge pre-spawn fish, and we boated and released 4 last week.

April 30: I took Steve Fletcher on his second day, and friends Larry Duckett and Randy Johnston, 541-969-8834. It was 27 in Fossil at 5 Am, 44 at the river, the water was 51 degrees, 4380 CFS, 5-6 clarity, and a very clear day. Randy caught the first fish at 7:55 AM, and they had 6 fish by lunch. There was a slight cold front that came in and the bite died for awhile. We ended up with 12 fish, and Randy reeled in a very nice 19 1/2" in the late afternoon. It was a great day on the water, and lots of great stories were shared.

April 29: Was a cold and windy day on the John Day River. I took Master Angler Steve Fletcher, and a great Father/Son Team of Brad and Nick Staub, 541-281-2150, of Tulelake, CA. It was 34 in Fossil at 5 AM, 48 at the river, the water was 50 degrees, 4880 CFS and dropping, light overcast, and 7-8 for clarity and getting cleaner. The first fish did not come till 11:15 AM and Brad brought it in. I started to get the feeling that this one lure would become important. I'm down to 8 lures of one type that they don't make anymore, and trying not to lose any more. There were a couple of hangups and breakoffs involving this one lure, but we got it back each time. Well at lunch time we had boated 4 fish. The weather got cooler and the wind really started to blow after lunch. We ended up the day with 12 fish. Oh, that lure I was telling you about, Brad caught a Master Angler 20 1/2" X 14" toad with it. Yah when the last of the eight is gone it will be a sad day in my house.

April 28: took long time friends Kevin Howard and Doug Greenlee, 503-869-7163, on the river today. The river came up, but was still fishable. It was 35 in Fossil at 5 Am, 48 at the river, was was running 50, 7-8 clarity, slightly overcast, 4370 CFS and rising. Devin caught the first fish at 9 AM and by lunchtime we had 5 smallies, with Doug boating two fat Master Angler smallmouth bass, 20 3/4" X 13 3/4" and 21 3/4" X 14". They were great fish, and Doug did a great job fishing for them and bringing them in. It was warm at lunch, and then turned cool and a slight rain. It was tough fishing in the afternoon with the water getting dirty and higher. Doug hooked another toad just above the take-out, but lost it after a short fight. Shoot that would have made three in one day!! Kevin and Doug have fished together for a long time and they were lots of fun to be with. Hope Kevin buys Doug another Birthday trip for next year!

April 27: took old client and Master angler Dan Ross, 503-784-4936, and his friend Steve Kirsop. It was 48 in Fossil, 57 at the river, the water was 51 degrees, 3780 CFS and dropping, 6-7 clarity, and overcast. It was raining in Fossil, but dry at Service Creek when we got there at 7:45 AM. Steve caught the first fish at 9 AM. About 10:30 Dan hooked into a fish that gave a little fight until it got to the boat then it went nuts on us. Dan made a couple fo great moves and I netted the second biggest smallmouth bass I've ever seen, 23" X 16 1/4". It was an absolute hog. We had 6 fish by lunch, and it was warm and the sun was shinning. Then about 3:15 the heaven opened up and it poured on us. they ended up the day early with 10 fish, 5 each. Great fish for Dan, and a wet time for all!

April 25: I took long time friends from the Mount Vernon, Oregon area: Don Miller, Dave Fronapel - 541-932-4977, and Red Iler. These guys are all good fishermen, and a fun bunch to be with on the river. It was35 in Fossil at 5 AM, 48 at the river at 7 AM, 51 degrees water, 4070 CFS, 5-6 clarity, overcast, and a dropping river. Don caught the first fish at 7:55 AM, and they boated 16 fish by lunch, and Dave had a Trophy 18 1/4" smallie. A front came in and shut the fish down early in the afternoon, but the fellows ended up with 33 smallies. Don lost a huge fish at the take-out when it jumped out of the water. Red said " it was too bad" (inside joke).

April 24: took past Master Anglers Mike and son, Mark (503-580-1856), Sliper today. It was 38 in Fossil at 5 AM, 52 at the river, and the water was running 51 degrees, 5160 CFS, 7-8, and overcast. Mark caught the first fish at 8:30 Am, a Master Angler smallmouth bass, 20 1/2" X 13". They boated 10 fish by lunch and the sun came out and it got warm. They ended up with 16 smallies and the river was getting cleaner by the minute. Should be good fishing for a while.

April 22: Took Don Miller of Mt. Vernon, and Jeremy and Brandon Russell of Hayden, Idaho fishing today. The river blew out yesterday evening and went to 7000+ CFS, which is the highest flow so far this year. It was running dirty, and lots of loose grass in the river. We went on over to the Private Largemouth Lake and had a great day in the sun and clean water. They boated 39 fish and young Brandon was the winner with 16 fish. The river is headed back down and on Friday at noon around 5000 CFS, temperature dropped back to low 50's, and cleaning itself up. Should be "okay" to fish this weekend, and very nice weather. Good Luck!

April 19: Took friends from Olympia, WA, Art O'Neal and Emmett Dobey today. It was 41 in Fossil at 6 AM, 64 at the river at 10 AM, water was 54 degrees, 4010 CFS, 8 clarity, and a very clear day. We launched late today and Art caught the first fish at 9:40 AM. We had 3 by lunch and ended up the day with 11 smallies. it was a tough day of fishing with the water turning off-color in the last two days. Even though the flow is not particularly high for this time of year, it is the highest so far and picking up dead grasses from the river bank and pushing them down river. The slow Carolina rigs in the slow water flats worked the best. The water will continue to rise and get dirtier for a while. I'm looking for my lucky "rabbits foot" for the next trip.

April 18: took a new boat owner, John Tremper, on a 1/2 day trip: Service Creek to Twickenham. He just bought a brand new 18" Clackacraft Max, and wanted to see the section with a guide on his first trip. He's one of our clients, but owns property in the Spray area and plans on doing some fishing on his own this summer. He agreed with me, Clackacraft Max is the easiest boat to row he's ever been in. I've rowed them all, it is it far and above the BEST for the John Day River. Only problem is the bottom only has a 100 year warranty, yeah like I should worry about that!

April 17: We ran a half-day trip in the Spray area for six fishermen, three Father/Sons teams: Dale and Brock Pellow, pellowfamily@comcasat.net; Gary and Connor Woolworth; and Ron and Michael Strobe. The water was coming up and the highest so far this season at 3060 CFS and rising to 3600 while we were on the water, 68 degrees at 2 PM, 54 degree water, 6-7 clarity, and slightly overcast. It was the young men against the Dads, and the youngsters won by two fish. The score 2-0, yes it was a tough day but the young guys hung in there an

April 16: Beautiful morning, 36 degrees in Fossil, 48 at the river, water running 54 degrees, 2560 CFS, 5-6 clarity. Took friends and good fishermen Todd Mulvaney and Mitch Crouser, both of Damascus fishing today. Todd caught the first fish at 7:45 AM and they boated 24 smallies by lunch. Todd caught a nice 16 3/4" beauty in the bunch. They boated another 36 in the afternoon for a total of 60 smallies. Yes, the dinks are active and the big fish will be spawning soon. Jigheads with Outlaw Baits 5" Ripple worms in all the colors were working when covered with Smelly Jelly Craw/Anise. The warm water has turned the fish on.

April 14: Meet Ed Larson and step son, Mark RafFnson, at my house in Fossil at 6 AM. Two great guys who fish together for a week once a year. Mark is from Lake Elsinore, Ca, and Ed is from Culver , Or. It was 29 in Fossil, 40 at the river, and the water was running 51 degrees, 2230 CFS, 2-3 clarity, and very clear and sunny. The weather was much improved over the last two days of stormy weather. Mark caught the first fish at 8:20 and they had boated 8 smallies by lunch time, and March had a nice 17 1/2" fish in the bunch. The air temp was 74 right after lunch and the water had warmed up to 55 degrees. The little fish (90 % of the population) are coming active, and the biggest fish will probably go into their spawn during the next week. This is one of the earliest spawning conditions I can remember. They ended up with 23 fish, and most were caught on crankbait, but everything was working.

April 12 & 13: We ran an overnight trip with five good friends: Dan Hawkey, Craig Dewey, John Stilwell, Joel Dvino, and Bill Luettgerodt. They were great guys and we went out to the Private largemouth lake for two days of fishing and camping. The weather fronts were coming in every 2 hours, and we could see it raining/snowing all around us, but only sprinkled on us during the days. Monday night was different, it poured late during the night but we stayed dry. Skip Geer, Mayville Flat Shooting Preserve, was the other guide and he squired the pontoon boats around the Lake, and tried to figure out what the bass wanted. The Lake water was 58 degrees and very clear. They caught fish, but the fishing was slow, and the biggest fish was 19 inches. Great bunch of guys, and hopefully they will come back next year.

April10: I went to the airport in Condon and picked up Dean and brother Lamont Miller, 503-651-3126, and Dean's brother in law, Tobin Cooley. Great bunch of guys and good fishermen. It was 20 in Fossil at 5 AM, 42 at the river, the water was 48 degrees, 2020 CFS, 4-5 clarity, very clear morning. Dean caught the first fish at 9:35 AM and they had 5 fish by lunch. Lamont caught an 8 pound carp, steelhead, and a Master Angler Smallmouth bass 20 1/16" X 13 1/2" in the afternoon. The group ended up with 14 bass and a great day on the water. I took them back to the airport at Condon and they took off at 7 PM and headed back to Aurora.

April 9: What a difference a day can make. Today, I took Steve Fletcher and Brad Bell. It was 19 in Fossil at 5 AM, 32 at the river, 48 degree water temperature, 2040 CFS, 5-6 clarity, and not a cloud in the sky or a breath of air moving. It was calm all day and Brad caught the first fish at 8:20. We had 4 fish at lunch, and ended the day with 9. Slow day of fishing, but a beautiful day on the water.

April 8: I took three wonderful fishermen today: Steve Fletcher from NW Pump; Doug and Alex Hattenhhauer of The Dalles, 541-296-3515. Doug and Alex are a great Father/Son combo, and Steve is one of may two anglers to ever catch 3 Master Angler smallmouth in one day with us. It was 38 and windy in Fossil at 5 AM, 1710 CFS river flow, 2-3 clarity, 43 degrees at the river, water was running 48 degrees, and very overcast and windy. Alex caught the first fish at 8:14, and we had 6 bass by lunch, and Alex had a nice 18" Trophy. I never thought I would have to mention this again, but there was a whale sighting on the John Day River at lunchtime today. You got it; the boat floated off it's anchor in the heavy wind and went to the other side of the river, and yours truly stripped down and swam across the river and brought the boat back. Yes it was cold! We didn't catch anything right after lunch, and had to go at least a mile down stream to get away from the environmental impact of me swimming across the river. Good News, Doug hooked a beautiful bright female native steelhead about 28" long. Later in the day Doug also hooked and boated a very nice Master Angler Smallmouth bass, 21" X 14 /14". What a beauty! they ended up the day with 21 smallies, and Doug had a steelhead, sucker, and northern pike minnow. Great day and time!
Note: Steve will not only anchor his boat but tie it up at lunch from now on.


April 6:  Today I took three old friends from The Dalles:  Scott Mengis; Greg Weast, 541-298-4326; and Ron Nelson, 541-296-8804.  Scott and Greg came up last year on a tough day of fishing and only Greg caught fish (three trophy smallmouth bass 18"-20").  As most of you know we have a "Fish-On Guarantee" for fully guided trips, which means your next trip is free.  So Scott came back "at no charge" to give me another try.  It was a tough day of weather fronts, with 34 degrees in Fossil at 5 AM, 1780 CFS river flow, 38 degrees at the river, water was 45 degrees, 2-3 clarity (pretty clear), and overcast.  It rained a couple of times on us.  Scott caught the first smallmouth bass at 8:50 AM, and a great day of catching was started.
Scott Mengis with Steelhead
Ron Nelson w/ smallmouth Bass
They had 9 smallmouth boated by lunch with a really nice 27" native buck steelhead in the mix (Scott caught that, too).  There was a little flurry of catching right after lunch, and Greg caught the first Master Angler smallmouth of the day, a very fat 20 1/2" X 13 1/2".  Ron followed up with two Master Angler smallmouth 20 1/2" X 13 1/2" and 20" X 13".  Scott caught another steelhead.  They ended up the day with 25 smallmouth bass, and 2 steelhead.  Scot, who was blanked last year, had the most with 11 smallmouth bass and 2 steelhead.  All three anglers were using a different crankbait, and stayed with that one lure all day.  the solf plastics fished on the bottom were not working. The water warmed up to 47 degrees and the weather smoothed out to a pretty nice evening.  We saw antelope, deer, and a couple of groups of elk on the way back to Fossil.  It's fun to take three "good friends fishing", and enjoy the day and the catching with them.  They said they would be back next year, and I hope so.
4-3-2010 North Umpqua River

Photo on right is of Terry Wright with a nice 17lb steelhead on the North Umpqua. We got this one last week just before the river went out of shape. This coming week the river should fish good. We have been doing well all of March. We are starting to see spring Chinook being caught also. We have a good 3 to 4 weeks of good Steelhead fishing yet to come and we may catch a few Chinook along the way.
Gary Lewis Guide Service
607 Fawn Drive
Roseburg, OR


3-30-2010  -  Columbia River
Spring Salmon season is heating up and with the end of the season right around the corner, April 18, I only have a few days left open to book so if you would to go out please get a hold of me soon.
I had a group out last weekend for the Fisherman's Marine Salmon Derby and they took third place. Fishing has been good and is only going to get better.
Raymond Herzman
1 Arm Bandit Guide Service
Contact me via e-mail or you can call me at 360-518-5558.

3-29-2010 - Northwest Rivers
Spring is here, and the Spring Chinook are pouring into the rivers right now. The largest run on the Columbia since 1932 is the forecast for this year, and it is looking like WDFW is on track for once. The Cowlitz has a huge run this year as well. You can look to catch these big silver bullets till mid May. The rivers are full of fish by mid April. I am already catching good numbers of Steelhead that are 12 pound average, and Kings 20 to 25 pounds. I will be fishing the Columbia again this year for the huge June hogs, which is always a good bet, and summer steelhead in July and early August. Last year was very good, and it looks to be better this year. I will be on the Snake river again this fall, October and November. We did very well last year, and the return this year is looking good again. You can check out the action on U-tube by typing in my name and Snake River. I have open dates for each season this year and hope to get you out. The oceans are cool and full of bait, and the fish have had a great survival rate. This year and last the fish are on the comeback. Finally, after 4 years, its fun to go again.

3-29-2010 - Central Oregon Rivers  -  All posted by Mah-Hah Outfitters

March 26: I took long time client Royal Proctor, 503-658-6291, who was the first angler to catch 3 Master Angler smallmouth bass in one day with us about 13 years ago. And his friend and past client Hans Feige, 503-397-1288, of Warren Or. It was 34 in Fossil at 5 Am, river running 1720 CFS, 1-2 clarity, very overcast and spitting snow/rain, air temp 41 at 8 AM and river water at 47. royal caught the first fish just before lunch. After lunch things got a whole lot better fishing and weather wise. They boated some nice 16 " fish, and royal boated a nice 18 1/2" Trophy. Hans boated a great Master Angler Smallmouth about 4 PM that measured 20 1/2" X 13". They ended up with 14 fish (13 caught after lunch), sunny skies, 52 air temp and 51 river temp. The front that hit Thursday afternoon took almost a day to go through, but when it left we were into the fish again. Even though the river conditions (water speed clarity and temp) are remaining very constant the fish are very particular, and what works one day may not work the next. Thursday was a great crankbait day, and today was a great Texas fishing on the bottom day. There was only one color that they wanted, but that will probably change by tomorrow. Well, I'm off for Linda's Presents Days (Four-Day Birthday party). So see you on the water next week.

March 25: I took old friend and client Don Miller from Mount Vernon, and his son-in-law Jeremy Russel, and Don's grandson Lucas Palmer of Hayden, Idaho. Don caught a Master Angler smallmouth bass earlier this month, and Jeremy has caught three over the last few years. It was 37 in Fossil, 56 at 10:30 at the river, 48 degree water, running 1680 CFS, overcast, and a 2-3 clarity. Jeremy started the day out by catching his first steelhead, 30" native buck, at the put in at 7:15 AM and we had 6 fish boated by lunch. We ended up with 11 bass and one steelhead at the end of the long windy day. Lucas caught the most bass with 5, and the biggest at 17". Good job Lucas, you beat two of the top John Day River smallmouth fishermen.

March 24: Today was the last of three days for Roger and Larry Jarvis. It was a beautiful day, 27 in Fossil, 44 at the river, water was 47 degrees, 1800 CFS, 1-2 clarity, and clear. Larry caught the first fish at 9:30 AM and we had 3 fish at lunch. Larry caught 3 more fish in the afternoon and we finished with 6. The water got up to 50 degrees, and it was 70 degrees in the afternoon, the fish just stopped biting? Wish me luck for tomorrow!

March 23: I took the Jarvis brothers, Larry and Roger, out again today. It was 22 in Fossil at 5 AM, at 9 Am it was 40 at the river, the water had cooled down and it was 45degrees, running 1860 CFS, 2-3 clarity, and a very clear morning. Larry caught the first fish a Master Angler Smallmouth bass, 22" X 14 1/2" beauty, and we had 3 fish boated by lunch. It warmed up to 60 degrees and the river went up to 47 after lunch. Larry boated a hatchery male steelhead at the end of the day, and they ended up with 8 very nice smallmouth bass and the steelhead. Great day of fishing, and weather.

March 22: I took brothers Larry and Roger Jarvis today. They are great guys and have been fishing with me since 2006, when Roger caught the biggest smallmouth Catch and Release entered in In-Fishermen that year. It was 35 in Fossil at 5 AM, 49 at the river at 9 AM, water was 47 degrees, 1640 CFS, 1-2 clarity, and slightly overcast. Roger caught the first fish at 9 AM, and Larry was one minute right behind him. We had some frontal activity during the day and ended up with 7 bass and 2 steelhead, one native female and one hatchery male. Looks like good fishing for tomorrow, and the storm has passed.

March 21: I took long time friend Bill MacInnes or Fossil and Wright Chevrolet, his son-in-law, Ty Sway, and writer/guide Bill Kremers. Bill caught a 17 1/2", 17", Ty caught a 16" fish. It was 35 in Fossil, at 5 AM, river was 47 degrees and the air was 44 degrees, 1-2 clarity, and very overcast. Bill MacInnes caught the first fish a hatchery steelhead at 8 AM. We had 4 fish by lunch, and the weather was overcast and raining on us off and on. They ended up with 15 smallmouth bass, and one steelhead with Bill MacInnes catching the most, 8 plus the steelhead.

March 20: This was a pure fly fishing day, and I took a couple from The Dalles, Arnold Berg and Leslie Nelson. Friend, guide, and writer Bill Kremers joined us. It was a cold 22 in Fossil at 5 AM, it was 52 at the river at 10 AM, water was running 47 degrees, 1670 CFS, 2-3 clarity, and a very clear day. Bill caught the first fish at 11 AM a nice native upriver steelhead. He landed one more steelhead before lunch and added a bass to the count. We had three fish at lunch. Before the day was over Arnie had two bass, one nice one at 16 1/2", and Bill landed 4 more. The water temp came up to 52 and the air temp got up to 72 for a great day on the water. Arnie brought some great looking flies, and we found a couple more flies that will work early on. I rechecked my boat thermometer and discovered it had been reading 4 degrees low this season. Sorry for the bad info up to now, but all the degrees were off 4 degrees.

March 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day. took friends Brian Jewett, Justin Frazier (541-490-2194), and Craig Gunderson fishing today. It was 26 in Fossil at 5 AM, 52 on the river at 10:45 AM, the water was 41 degrees surface, 1290 CFS, and a very bright clear day. Justin boated the first fish at 10:37, and also boated a nice steelhead about two hours later. We had 5 fish by lunch (corned beef, of course), and ended up the day 19 smallies, and Justin boated a nice 19 1/2" Trophy about 6 PM. It was a great day on the water, and once things warmed up in the afternoon, got up to 45 water degrees, the fish turned on.

March 16, 2010: was a slightly warmer day and 34 in Fossil at 6 AM, river running 1280 CFS, 40 degree water, the air temp was 54 at 10:30 AM, 1-2 clarity, on a very clear day. I had one of my better clients today, they have boated Master Angler fish, lots of 100+ days in the summer, but the fish were feeling the barometer change and had a bad case of "lock jaw". Finally at 4 PM a nice 16" fish was boated on a crankbait. It was tense, and had we not got at least one fish my whole life was hanging in the balance. Oh, the client, my wife Linda.

March 16, 2010: was a slightly warmer day and 34 in Fossil at 6 AM, river running 1280 CFS, 40 degree water, the air temp was 54 at 10:30 AM, 1-2 clarity, on a very clear day. I had one of my better clients today, they have boated Master Angler fish, lots of 100+ days in the summer, but the fish were feeling the barometer change and had a bad case of "lock jaw". Finally at 4 PM a nice 16" fish was boated on a crankbait. It was tense, and had we not got at least one fish my whole life was hanging in the balance. Oh, the client, my wife Linda.

March 13 & 14, 2010: We ran our first Two-Day Seminar at the river at River's Edge Bed and Breakfast. We had nine great guys, covered all the topics, good food, stayed on time, had good sunny weather, and caught fish from the bank. Because it was successful we will be running three during the next year: Steelhead, Gear fishing for Bass, and a Fly Fishing Seminar for Bass. We will get the dates posted on the Website in the next few months to give folks a chance to make time for them. Thanks to the first group of fellows and Ginger at River's Edge Bed and Breakfast for making things go so smooth.

March 14, 2010: Took old friends Errol Claire, the fish biologist at the John Day Office from 1959 to 1994 (the guy who stocked the river with smallmouth bass in 1971), and Don Miller, 541-931-4486, of Mount Vernon. We have been doing this trip for a number of years now, and have a great time telling stories, talking about our favorite subject-smallmouth bass, and great fellowship. It was 27 in Fossil, 30 at the river, 1300 CFS, 1-2 on clarity, surface water was 38 degrees, on a very clear day. Don caught the first fish with a nice steelhead about 10:25, and we had two fish by lunchtime. We ended up the day with one steelhead landed another hooked up, five smallmouth (I caught one on a float and jig/fly), and Don boated a very nice 20 1/4" X 13 1/2" Master Angler. The surface temp came up to 42 and the air temp in the afternoon was 58. There was a front working, but no bad weather appeared.

March 9, 2010: Today we fished with friends Captain Manuel Torres, of Island Point Lodge in Petersburg, Alaska, (cell) 907-518-1611, his close friend Bill Hathaway, and writer Scott Staats of Prineville, OR. We had a cold start with 19 degrees in Fossil, 24 at the river at 7:30 AM, 1770 CFS, 4-5 clarity, and slightly overcast morning. All the fishing today was done on a center-pin rod and reel. Scott Staats caught the first fish, steelhead, at 9:15 AM on a Manny's Egg Thing. We had 2 fish at lunch (both steelhead), and ended up the day with 4 steelhead, and one Master Angler 20 1/2' X 13 1/2" smallmouth bass caught by Captain Torres. All the steelhead and bass were caught on specialty flies or jigs that Captain Manuel Torres ties: Manny's Egg Thing, Manny's Jail bird, and Manny's Purple Thing. Captain Torres has a booth at the Redmond Sportsman Show, in Redmond, OR, March 11-14. Go see him there, and he'll show you his best John Day River flies, and pictures of some of his fish. by the way this was Scott Staats first full day of center-pin fishing and he caught two steelhead. Nice going Scott. We are off to a good start this year, and have two openings left for the Two-day Seminar on John Day River smallmouth bass this coming weekend. If interested call (toll free) 1-888-624-9424. See you on the water.......

March 8: took long time friend Captain Manuel Torres of Pertersburg, AK, 907-518-1611, and his long time friend Jim Hathaway, of Tacoma, WA, and Mah-Hah guide RB Bissonette. Great group of guys and Captain Torres has been working on some fly and jig pattern for us to fish. He was on the first center-pin trip that hooked and boated some nice Trophy smallmouth bass two years ago. Captain Torres hooked the first fish of the day at 10:15 on a center-pin set-up, and it was a big 20" X 13 1/2" Master Angler Smallmouth Bass on Manny's John Day River Special (a triple egg articulated fly of his own design). Before the day was over Captain Torres boated a big 19" smallmouth bass (on another special fly of his) and two steelhead, RB boated a bass and a steelhead on a spinning rod float and fly set-up, which was the first we have tried. A severe cold front came in at 1 PM and fishing shut down for the day. It was 35 in Fossil and snowing, it was 36 at the river and overcast, 1720 CFS, 4-5 clarity, 40 degree water, and got warmer and clearer till about noon. We are set to go out again tomorrow, I hope it's as good as it was today!

March 6: Took two friends, Brad Nydahl and John Tremper, fishing today. They purchased a great ranch in the Spray area a couple of years ago, and are in the process of developing it into a beautiful and bountiful ranch once again. We fished 10 miles above Spray down to Spray, which is along the property they own. It was 28 in Fossil at 5 AM, 36 at the river, 1860 CFS, and the river was 38 degrees. The recent weather and some precipitation has cooled the river down from last Tuesday. We were trying to cover all the techniques and when to use them etc that the seminar teaches. Brad was the only to catch fish on a tough fishing day, but we enjoyed many stories about the ranch, some of the wonderful folks that work there, and others we knew in common. Early fishing is unpredictable, and they made the best out of it.

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FISHING REPORT 3-1-2010  -  Covers Much Of The Northwest
Hey everyone,
Spring Salmon season is heating up and with the end of the season right around the corner, April 18, I only have a few days left open to book so if you would to go out please get a hold of me soon.
I had a group out last weekend for the Fisherman's Marine Salmon Derby and they took third place. Fishing has been good and is only going to get better.
Contact me via e-mail or you can call me at 360-518-5558.
Finally Halibut Seasons Set
Seasons are as follows: For the 2A fishery at the mouth of the Columbia the season will be open May 1 - July 17 three days per week Thursday - Saturday, however I don't believe the quota will last much into June so I would urge anyone looking to book a trip to consider looking into May. Saturdays will go fast so if you have to have a weekend please contact me soon.

Spring Chinook Fishing: Has been fair in the Columbia there are good and bad days I expect that with the larger tides coming this weekend it should push some more fish in the river. The Multnomah Channel has been the most consistent bite with averages of 1-2 fish per boat so that is were I have been as of late.

Sturgeon Fishing: Is still producing well in the Willamette and Columbia.

Thank You for taking the time to read this newsletter and I hope to here from you soon, again you can contact me via e-mail or at 360-518-5558. Here is a link to my website as well www.1armbanditguideservice.com this newsletter will be posted there soon. Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think may be interested.

Hereís my personal outlook on the upcoming seasons -

Spring Chinook Salmon (Springers) -
Iím expecting the Springer fishing to warm up quickly, and stay hot through April.
In case you havenít heard, weíre expecting record runs of Salmon back this year! How do I know this? Our fish are running on a 5-year cycle, and 5 years ago we had great runs. The returns from their spawning should be great as well. Also, the ocean stocks of bait fish have been very plentiful for the past 2 or 3 years, feeding our salmon. Another factor is that commercial gill netting has been cut back up in Alaska and Canada, leaving more fish to come home to us.
Our Springers are showing up early this year. A lot of fish are already being caught near Sellwood, Multnomah Channel, St. Helens and Cathlamet, with a few also showing up around I-5 and I-205, and Davis Bar. About 6 days ago at least 65 Springers were caught near Sellwood! Thatís phenomenal for this time of year!!!

The seasons are as follows:
Buoy 10 upstream to I-5 open 7 days per week from March 1 thru April 18 except closed on Tuesdays in March
I-5 to I-205 open seven days per week from March 1-14 closed on Tuesday the 9th. March 18 thru April 3 open three days per week Thursday thru Saturday
I-205 to Bonneville Dam is closed to bank angling only
Sturgeon -
I expect a strong and rewarding Sturgeon fishing season again this year.
In case you didnít already know, we have one of the best (if not THE best) Sturgeon fishery in world. Itís a rare day when you donít get a lot of action, and tie into several big fish on the Willamette or the Columbia.
Why is it such a great fishery?? Up until the 1970ís, the limits on Sturgeon were fairly liberal, and the fish did not have a chance to reproduce fast enough to keep up. Since then the tighter limits have allowed the fish to bounce back to the point that we have a very healthy population, which has resulted in a world class Sturgeon fishery.

Seasons are as follows:
Buoy 10 to Wauna power lines open 7 days per week from May 22 thru June 26 and catch and release is allowed the rest of the year.
Wauna power lines to Bonneville Dam open Thursday thru Saturday Jan 1 thru July 31and from October 1 to December 31catch and release is allowed on all days except in the sanctuary area from May 1 Through August 31
Halibut -
The Halibut seasons have not been set yet it looks like the middle of March when we will know something. I will send out another letter when the commission sets the seasons.
Tuna -
With the warm weather patterns we are on now looking to continue and the water temps in the Columbia River already slightly above average, and the snow pack being low I can only foresee a very good Tuna season. We are in a El Nino year which means we get a southerly flow of water in the ocean and it brings up warmer water from the South earlier in the year and lots of fish. The last time we had an El Nino year there were a few reports guys getting Dorado, A couple of Marlin were reported and some of the other Tuna species such as Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna were reported.
Hope that this gives you the info that you need and thanks for taking the time to read it, looking forward to hearing from you soon. If you are interested in booking a trip with me and you have to have a weekend please call soon since those days are going to go fast. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you think may be interested.
 R.J. Herzman
1 Arm Bandit Guide Service

River fishing reports for Salmon: Common types of salmon are Chinook, king, sockeye, red, Coho, silver, chum, dog, pink, humpy, upriver brights and fall Chinook.
Sturgeon: The most well known are the white sturgeon, green sturgeon, trophy sturgeon and keeper sturgeon.
Steelhead: The winter run (winterrun) and summer run (summerrun) steelhead fishing a year 'round event.
Shad: Shad runs peak during the month of June on the Columbia River and the Willamette River. Watch the Bonneville dam fish counts to see when Shad are running.
Bass: Catch smallmouth bass, largemouth, striped bass, and other warmwater species in warmer areas of Central Oregon, and rocky shorelines of the Columbia, Willamette Snake and various other popular northwest rivers. The John Day and Umpqua rivers are popular for bass fishing and boast catch rates of over 100 bass a day during peak months.

Winter Steelhead are here and more are coming! With the excellent Coho returns this Season serve as an Indication that
The number of Steelhead returning to the North Oregon Coastal streams will be very high and fishing will be FANTASTIC...

Don & Nole With Some Nice Fish

Sandy River Steelhead

The Wilson, Trask, Nestucca, Rivers 97141 Are sure to have many of these hard fighting fish staring now and continue
Through to April. One hour drive from Portland 97229

Your Guide
Pat Abel

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